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there's a drumming noise inside my head
↔ hp: the boy who lived
it's been three months since my last post, wow, idek. all i've been doing on lj recently is reading my fpage and scouring for new music.

anyway the point of this post is to announce that Eden Li (most definitely incredible, to quote big bang) is truly a Shopping Prophet! it was her strange and wondrous dream (involving lime green wedges for $20) which led me to a NEW BAG; it is blue and gorgeous and BEAUTIFUL and i am running out of adjectives, lol (omg edit: i found it on the aldo website, it looks even better irl~). we had to run back to school from bishan for the US university admissions talk, and this, along with pe today, was the first form of exercise i've done in a long while. thanks bb here's a post dedicated to you, still owe you almond jelly! :)

CT2 is now over but tbh i'm really worried for prelims/A levels/THE FUTURE, in general. this year is flying by too fast.

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Obviously no one else is going to comment I comment! I'm determined to hunt down my PERFECT BLACK BAG and PERFECT BLACK FLATS!!

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