✩ the war is over, and we are beginning ✩

all the living are dead and the dead are all living

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i think our lives have just begun
can't believe it's already february but 2010's been really great so far:

1. andrew bird
a nervous tic motion of the head to the left~~

2. muse
muse was AMAZING; they were definitely worth the 2h+ wait and being dead to the world the next day. i've been listening to so many muse songs and i can't decide which ones are my favourites. there are too many! ILU MATT BELLAMY. (lol, that sort of rhymed.) and of course, there was the awesome company. ilu gaiz, the concert wouldn't have been so fun without all of you ♥

luff y'all. srsly. :)

in other news, i had goodtiemz yesterday at take 5 and with lovely people afterwards. ♥ i am slightly sunburnt though!

it's the first day of chinese new year tomorrow, i swear i'm going to get fat from the next few days:) am looking forward to the angbaos and my #1 indulgence, the lovely pineapple tarts. (i think i'm going to try and bake them next year) gong xi fa cai to everybody! xoxo. <3 this is such a happy post :) :)


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