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take back the city for yourself tonight
i suddenly felt like i should post here - like a merry (belated) christmas, oh look it's the end of the year sort of post - so here i am :) i haven't updated this place in 2 months, the latter of which, i realise, was spent mostly out of singapore.

india was all sorts of exciting: naans and loads of curry and palak paneer (lol i just had to google its name - it's spinach with cottage cheese and it is damn good!) and BANGLES and nearly getting knocked down by cars, my god and (sadly) being fail at bargaining.

europe was awesome; i honestly wish i could have stayed there longer. switzerland was lovely: gorgeous mountains everywhere, snow (it felt like christmas!), the super cute houses, everything. perhaps it's me but i also love trees in winter - stripped of their leaves, bare branches reaching to the sky. of course, it was really cold, especially when we went up the mountains, but i was relatively snug in my many layers of clothing, hehe. i love winter fashion!

i didn't spend as much time in france and england. saw the usual sights in paris - eiffel tower, etc etc and i also watched the moulin rouge!~ lol, i got desensitized to the toplessness after a while, partly because all the women started looking the same. paris was beautiful in a very different way from switzerland - a lot more fast-paced and frenetic. i didn't feel as though i could really live there, which is not the case for london. i can truly say i love london :D it reminds me of harry potter and english scones and the Queen's English and what not. i felt like a true blue londoner whenever i took the london underground, hehe. first impressions of the system: not as clean as singapore (obviously), a lot more cramped and narrow, but the trains were also a lot more frequent. i managed to shop a lot - more window shopping than anything else, but what i did buy i was, and am, happy with - and i also watched PHANTOM (this is in caps for you, cat).

photos soon! i'm too lazy to pick out the good photos and to resize them, but i promise a photos post because europe is too pretty. :D

anyway, i'd thought of posting a reflection post for the year, but now i feel that, were i to post a long, honest and introspective entry, it would be best kept private. a lot of things happened in 2009, and all in all i can't say it was a good year - for me, at least. there were definitely a lot of happy moments, but then there were times when i felt so tired of everything. certainly it was a very quick 365 days (or 364 thus far, if you wish to be precise) - just 2 days away from the new year. 2010 seems to be a very busy and scary year, but what's a year but a number, right? i will be positive :)

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GAHH ): Haha how bout how bout we hang out during open house!! You wanna go home together after openhouse?

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