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✩ the war is over, and we are beginning ✩

all the living are dead and the dead are all living

there is thunder in our hearts
spent my weekend rereading deathly hallows after wc told me she spent the night reading it lol :) *weeps* epic book is epic!!! cannot wait for the movie i hope it's makes me weep/etc. have been suffering from post-prelims inertia, there's nothing i feel like studying for but somewhere ~a clock is ticking~ and there are so many things to dooooooo

Notable Recent Events in my otherwise boring life: I AM 18 (momentous)!!! watched shock labyrinth: house of horrors (what an awesome title but neither shocking nor horrific, i'm sorry to say); cut my hair and now i have an asymmetrical fringe ... anyway in the course of mugging for prelims i have been listening to kate bush's wuthering heights and wailing along, i luv it loads! i've just found some of her other songs, too - running up that hill is amazing!!

erpz uninteresting post is uninteresting